KidsBrain Method is the only mental arithmetic programme in English that provides full online and offline support to its students, enabling them to learn maths in a fun, meaningful way. 

KidsBrain develops the intellectual capacities of children through mathematics and English using the abacus. We offer in a single programme the development of multiple cognitive skills that children need for their intellectual growth.

All our programmes are taught entirely in English. Children improve their comprehension of the english language without realizing it!

The programme includes classes taught entirely in English, which, along with the mathematical and analytical benefits derived from the abacus, enable students to improve their vocabulary and comprehension in Shakespeare’s mother tongue.

KB Experiences teaches English in a natural and fun way. Our method allows children to become the star of their very own stories and creativity. Live the authentic KidsBrain experience!

Our method is based on the development of creative skills of children using an innovative concept developed at KidsBrain called "Creative Thinking". Available exclusively at KidsBrain Schools.

Think in English


Be the coolest kid on the block by learning English in a fun, innovative way!

We promote and develop their skills in a natural and motivating method, subtly guiding students to investigate new techniques for solving problems and at the same time fostering their creativity.

When children play, anxiety levels are reduced, communication flows, interest grows and concentration becomes central.